Q: How is it possible to maintain a cemetery perpetually? Where will the funds come from one day when there is no more property available? A: Since our inception in 1955, a large percentage of every purchase is placed in an irrevocable trust fund in accordance with State regulations. The principal can never be touched, leaving the interest for capital improvements, and in the future, perpetual maintenance Q: We purchased burial spaces years ago and are now planning to be cremated. What should we do? A: You can certainly choose to have your ashes buried in the spaces that you currently own, and still have a bronze memorial or granite monument to commemorate your life. This is a very popular option. You can also explore the option of trading your traditional arrangements toward a cremation pre-arrangement. Q: My parents are both buried at the Memorial Park, and they have extra spaces that they owned that have not been used. What happens to those? A: If the spaces were specifically designated to go to a particular person in a will, we would need a copy of the will, the original deed, and there is a $95 transfer fee for re-deeding. If the spaces were not left to anyone specifically in a will, all of the spaces belong jointly to all of the children. In order to change ownership, we will have to have a notarized document from each child certifying that they are the surviving heirs and who should receive the spaces. There is a $95 charge for transfer/re-deeding. Q: Our vase is missing. Is there anything that can be done about that? A: Most of the time when we receive a report of a missing vase, it is actually there but just turned upside down. The vases on bronze memorials recess into the ground. Some of them have a knob that must be twisted to the left to unlock it, and others simply have a handle that pulls straight out. If there is not a visible hole where you can see into the ground, then your vase is there, but just turned down. If your vase is actually missing, please contact the office or come by so that we can help you select the appropriate vase to purchase as a replacement. Q: What happens if the weather takes a turn for the worse and it would make it difficult to conduct a graveside service outdoors? A: We offer the option of having your graveside service in the comfort of our chapel in lieu of having a tent and chairs outside at no extra charge. Q: What exactly is an opening/closing? A: The opening and closing is much more than simply digging and filling a grave. It begins with a call from a funeral home to schedule a service. We check the schedule for potential conflicts and work with the funeral home to find a service time where your family will not be interrupted by noisy equipment servicing another family. Next is a consultation with one of our Memorial Advisors who will meet with your family, complete the necessary site evaluation, record review, and paperwork. Our administrator then performs a records check, processes all paperwork, updates the pertinent maps, files, cards, and garden books. We then issue an order to the maintenance staff and an additional records check is performed by the maintenance superintendent. The location is measured with pinpoint accuracy and marked for excavation. If the sod is suitable for reuse, it will be cut and saved to be put back into place after the service. For a traditional burial, several trailer loads of dirt is hauled away during the excavation process to keep it out of sight during the service. Weather permitting, the area around the burial is given extra attention and mowed if necessary. The maintenance staff assists the vault provider with the installation of the vault. A frame is constructed to hold the casket lowering device, and the lowering device is placed atop the frame. Grass rugs are placed on the ground and around the lowering device. A tent is erected above the gravesite, and chairs are placed beneath the tent. A Memorial Advisor from our office will attend the service to assure that all of your family's needs are met. After the service, the staff member will remain with your loved one along with a staff member from the funeral home while the interment is complete. Our maintenance staff removes the tent, chairs, lowering device, grass rugs, and lowering device frame. The first load that is placed back in the grave is clean gravel which we purchase from a local quarry. The gravel assists with drainage and also helps to prevent sinking of the soil. After that, the dirt that was carried away from the site is returned and the grave is filled and tamped. If the sod is suitable for re-use, it will be tamped into place as well. Then the grave is over-seeded, straw is placed to help the seed take root, and any flowers that are left will be placed on top of the grave. When the flowers wither and are no longer attractive, our maintenance staff will remove them for you. Q: Why do we have to come to the office in order to bury a loved one? A: There is zero margin for error at a cemetery. We need to confer with your family the correct location. We know where it is, and you probably do also, but it's best to make sure that we are all in agreement so that there are no surprises when everyone arrives for the committal service. We also must have the lot owner/next of kin sign documents giving us permission to use a particular space for a particular person. Q: We purchased burial spaces before the community and private mausoleums were available. Is it possible to change from ground burial to a mausoleum? A: Absolutely. We are extremely flexible, and changes are allowed. Consult a Memorial Advisor today about your options. Q: How can I find where my loved ones are located in the park? A: The best thing to do is to come by the office. We can look up the name of your relative, and help you locate them. Q: We have moved away and would like to sell our spaces. A: You can sell your spaces to whomever you may choose, or transfer your property to one of thousands of cemeteries nation wide as long as you have moved more than 100 miles from the park because we are a member of the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association as any reputable cemetery should be. If you have an interested purchaser, we are happy to show them the space(s) for you at no charge, however we do not purchase them back or assist in locating a suitable buyer. Q: How much does a memorial marker or a monument cost? A: That's difficult to say because these days there are so many options available. The best thing to do is to call and set an appointment with one of our Memorial Advisors who can show you the options and find something that you are delighted with and that fits into your intended price range. Q: Can we dig a grave ourselves or plant shrubbery or flowers? A: No. Digging a grave is a very precise activity. We never want to disturb another grave, or make a mistake in placing someone in the wrong space. Therefore, to ensure that everything is up to our standards, we do not allow any digging within the park. Planting flowers and shrubbery is also against the rules and regulations so that we can keep he park beautiful for all. Q: When we purchased our property, our family was small, but it has grown over the years and we would like for everybody to be together. Can we transfer our lots to another part of the cemetery where there is room for our entire family? A: Absolutely. Changing the location of your property is always an option that we are happy to assist your family with. Q: Can I pre-pay my opening and closing? A: You can, but you have to pay the highest weekly rate plus state and processing fees. The opening/closing is guaranteed not to increase from that point(although we rarely raise it...only when costs force us to). If when your opening closing is used you would have paid a lower rate, we always refund to your family the difference. Q: We recently moved to the area and have cemetery arrangements at another memorial park. Can we transfer our property here? A: Absolutely. As long as the cemetery you are transferring from is a member of the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association (ICCFA), you can simply transfer the funds you have paid to be used as a credit with us. Q: Is the entire park only flat bronze, or can we have an upright monument? A: While most of the park utilizes flat bronze memorials mounted on a granite base, we do have two gardens where traditional upright monuments (headstones) may be used. Q: We want to pre-plan everything. Do you offer payment options? A: Yes! You can find information about our payment options, including our 2 year interest free plan here. Q. Can I scatter the ashes of a loved one on a relative's grave? A: No. We do not permit ashes to be scattered about the park.